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Mind Manifest Project, is a community that put signature under many organizations since 2006 in order to present Psychedelic Trance -a global sub-culture and an underground music genre- to all the mind people in Turkey and to provide our country and our people join this universal family by adding Turkey to worldly traditional festival maps.

Mind Manifest Project team has been organizing many events around Turkey in the purpose of progression of Psychedelic Culture in the country. After the first open-air festival called Transparent Dimension in 2008, the team has proved that it is the most active community along with all the other Psy Trance and party communities by organizing The Circle of Positive Feedback 2008, Back to Nature 2009, Elemental Evolution 2009, traditionalizing Back to Nature, Elemental Evolution festivals and organizing 10 festivals, 5 open-air parties, and more than 200 club-parties and boat-parties along the winter all around Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Eskisehir, Ankara, Aydin). In addition, the team is organizing events collectively with Psyleb team in Lebanon. Mind Manifest Project is an active community always self-renewing, that preserves its work with its own DJs and decoration team in order to present this culture in a right way

Mind Manifest Project aspires to synthesize the perfectness of our country and its nature with the colors of music. Its main aims are providing the inseparable integrity of all the art branches with drawing, video-art (visual), and stage designs along with music, providing high-quality music with high-quality sound and decoration to a high-quality audience and instilling the love of nature contained by Psy-Trance culture into humans. It aims to constitute a community that is more sensitive to the planet with the help of music.

Mind Manifest Project, who brought World famous DJs to Turkey many times like Urecken, Whiptonique, Xpirall, Sychotria, Bilisargon Demagorgon, Yudishitra, Parahalu, Paramatma, Phobos Azazel, Samadhi, Kalilaskov, Ephedrix, Psymatrix, Dust, Foam, Assoult Junkies, Nitro, Basic, Atma, Talpa, Talamasca, Durty Safi, Ethnogenic, Yahel, Trippy Trail, Digicult, , Atomic Pulse, Echoteck, Ascent, Tesla Principle, Basic also invited many DJs from Lebonnan, Iran, Morocco, Jordan and many different places in Europe to Turkey. It also contributes to self-improvements of interested or new beginner amateur DJs by offering choice of performance.

Once for all, together with Urecken, it contributes its work by organizing 5 days long international music festival of Tree of Life 2012 -Turkey stop that will host more than 100 DJs and Producers.

We hope that world peace supported by music and love of nature take place in the sub consciousness’s of people in a colorful way and the Earth keeps on living more green, more blue with a more sensitive generation.