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Tapestry Backdrop SACRAL GEOMETRY

Fluorescent backdrop Trishul Long Lycra ArtPrint
You can observe this fascinating masterpiece for hours and each time discover new worlds and psychedelic space.
Perfect for home decor, studio, parties, and festivals. This design backdrop was designed by ShivaOM Art and will be shipped by Mind Manifest Project printed on quality fabric.
Width: 300 centimeters // Length: 150 centimeters

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⦾ 100% UV reaction and glow effect
⦾ The new sublimation printing technology of high-quality print without pixels
⦾ Semigloss synthetic fabric, sewn by hand, can be washed and ironed
⦾ 4 loops at the corners for installation
⦾ Glowing vibrant colors under UV blacklight and bright colors in daylight
⦾ Worldwide free shipping with tracking 🌍

⦾ If the product is in stock we send it within 2 workdays after receiving the payment. If the item is out of stock, we will make your order within 4-5 working days.

⦾ If you want to order a custom size, please contact us.

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