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UV Psychedelic Decoration Canopy TRISHUL

UV Psychedelic Decoration Canopy *TRISHUL*
6 small triangles with size 2 on 3and 3 meter 15 sq meters
6 big triangles with size 4.10 on 3 on 3 meters 39,42 meter
1 hexagon that connects all details and is 2 meters from every side and 4 in center, 12.60 sq mt
2 big prints size 3 on 1/60 left right side or under the dj 9.6 sq meters
TOTAL 76 sq meters

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Each set is a transformer and can have different types of installation. most often we use them for canopy – a tent over the dance floor, or as a dj stage.
This magnificent masterpiece can be seen for hours and each time to discover new worlds and psychedelic space.
Excellent print quality and fabrics, and 100% UV effect!

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