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UV Psychedelic Decoration Stage Design Tribal Chama

1/ 1 big Forest Molecule Big Triangle for Dj Place 4.10 on 3*3 m 400 eu
2/ Canopy Set Metatron small DJ Stage Set. 1300 eu
1/ 6 small triangles with size 2 on 3and 3 meter ( 15 sq meters)
2/ and 1 hexagon that connects all details and is 2 meters from every side and 4 in center, (total its S=12.60 sq mt)
3/ 1 big triangle with size 4.10 on 3 on 3 meters (1 triangle its S=6.57
4/ 2 big lycra Sacral Portal left and right with sizes 160 on 300 size 4.8 sq m

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⦾ UV reactive black light sublimation print. Glows vibrant colors under UV black light and bright colors in daylight
⦾ Printed on high quality special synthetic LYCRA fabric. New technology of sublimation printing, high quality print without pixels
⦾ Semigloss synthetic fabric, sewn by hand, can be washed and ironed, does not lose color after washing.
⦾ At the ends of the fabric we make loops for easy quick installation.
⦾ Excellent for Party,Festival,Club,Studio decor etc… Looks amazing under UV light.
⦾ Estimated worldwide shipping time 5 – 10 days. Production time – 1-2 week


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